Pecorino Pizza Bianca

This place is the product of a split between the partners of the old Sullivan Street Bakery, and the pizza bianca the pair pioneered.

This version improves on the original with grated pecorino, and falls just shy of being pizza instead of bread.

Pane Puglia

This Bronx-based bakery reproduces the rough-hewn loaves of the Apulia section of Italy (“Puglia” in English).

Long flattened breads with a deeply brown crust, and a light crumb, perfect for sandwiches of the spicy soppressata of the region.

Organic Sourdough Levain

Compared with other traditional French sourdoughs, this one is mild, more like San Francisco sourdough.

It’s also fine grained, and goes just as well in a bread salad as with cheese or charcuterie.

Beer Bread

The loaf is from a venerable baker of rye bread for delis, and this semi-experimental product stays well within the confines of sandwich bread.

Because there may be too many loaves in this collection that resist sandwiching for one reason or another.


Increasing the crust-to-crumb ratio for a baguette by making it smaller is a stroke of genius.

Grab yourself a scatter of these tiny breads, thickly smear them with butter — also provided in little packets at Amy’s, along with plastic knives and recyclable paper trays.